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Word Smiths, Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls we are having a contest starting this edition. It is all about you and if you would like some value with your reading. For this edition if you can find three errors, corrections, or improvements that you think should be included or upgraded from the online or printed copies of Sunny's Tea Cup you can send these ideas to us for consideration or use in future editions.
Everyone that send in reasonable ideas will have their names entered into a draw for a
 $100.00 gift certificate for one prize from the publication's advertisers. You can enter the contest at the bottom of this page.
Conditions: 1. That the ideas are reasonable as they could be used in the future. 2. There are no profanities 3. That the contestants be from Grey and Bruce. 4. Contestants cannot be a manager, owner, or employee of one of the publication's advertisers past or present.

Your name and contact information will not be used on any data base, traded or sold to any other company. All winners will be announced within 30 days of each draw. The draw will be made in a public location, usually the place of business where the gift certificate can be applied by the winner. The draw will be officiated by this publication and the store owner with witnesses so that all fairness and promptness can be applied within a reasonable timeframe so the winners can collect their gift certificate 30 days after the publishing of the next edition. If there is no winner then the contest will automatically restart in the next edition at the same $100 value amount. The names of the winners will be published when the prize is collected with the consent of the person who accepts the prize. All winners must be a legal age of 19 or older or accompanied by an adult guardian or parent of legal age at the place of business. The winners will be notified by phone or email. Photo identification may be requested when accepting the prize. 


We help business people increase their

customer base and profits with effective

advertising and marketing.

With traditional advertising methods and over three decades of experience we provide business owners and their marketing managers both practical applications and business advising.

 We also have access to digital consulting associates.



Custom Advertising Campaigns

We create custom advertising campaigns for all sizes of business to blend

in with and compliment your existing marketing plans or to create a new

individualized advertisement, or campaigns with creative work to suit your business needs and branding  desires. No matter your budget size we

can meet your spending range from $200.00 to $10,000.00.

8 Different Product Lines to Choose From

We have eight different real world branding products which includes our publication (Sunny's Tea Cup) and several types of custom branding project signs, as well as restaurant table mats. It is how we put it together for your business in a custom campaign format. It is how we can connect you to both customers that are walk in traffic to your business, customers that phone in and digital online customers that use email, texting, and will connect with you using your website or your social media sites.

Business Advising

While our area that we  service is Grey and Bruce, Simcoe, Huron and  Upper Wellington counties in southern Ontario Canada we have the ability to lead you to business services throughout Canada. 

Tim Muzzell president of Nexus Marketing International has two bachelor degrees one from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo (B.A.)and one from the University of Western Ontario London (B.ED) and a Masters of Business Administration granted by the state of Washington U.S.A.

Featured Work

What's New...

This year I am starting a new set of advertising options to help more business owners and or their marketing managers reach their potential customers and markets more effectively within the Grey, Bruce, Simcoe, Huron, and Upper Wellington counties area.


These campaigns will be set in five categories depending upon your wants and needs in reaching your customers and clients. There will be a silver campaign package, a gold package, a platinum campaign package, and an ultimate deluxe campaign package. The final campaign package will be a custom package for the discriminating business owner or marketing manager.


These campaigns will be based upon six time proven product lines that already exist and are currently in use by my company Nexus Marketing International. From 1997 until today I have taken the time to create and test these product lines in a serious method so that your company or corporation can reap the benefit and rocket your profits to new heights. For more information on how to capitalize on this program you can contact me through linked in or by text at 519-373-9127. I have the ultimate set of devices (product lines) to brand your image and bring you in the next generation of customers and clients. Thanks.

Clients & Customers

    The Nexus Business Directory
            This is a one-of-a-kind directory!        
Click on the logo buttons below. Most will connect you directly to the next company in this series
businesses.  At Nexus Marketing International we will link both customers and business
that have cash, credit cards, and debit cards.  These people can not only afford your goods and services they also could be quality repeat customers!  All consumers visiting our webpage please enjoy connecting up to these businesses both online where the button is available on the ad, or simply phone, or visit these businesses in person. Your well-behaved patronage is both appreciated and improves our regional economies in Grey and Bruce, as well as the adjacent counties, provinces, states, and throughout all of our awesome continent of North America.  
Remember with the internet we are now coast to coast and international. Not all these businesses can serve
you outside of their service areas however many can.  We appreciate your respect and the ability to help
you in your shopping.  Keep on buying, upgrading and learning more about our wonderful region. It is the the small businesses that really are making things better now and in the future. And now on with the shopping! 

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A Testimonial on Traditional And Effective Classical Advertising...

Testimonial_2019 1.jpg

All people entering the draw can use the below section to send your ideas. Be sure to included a contact number if you have a phone or your email address both may be best in order to contact you if your name is drawn.  Business owners can also use this section to contact us, or the appointment page at the back of this site. Have a great day! 

Thanks for submitting!

All Rights Reserved ~ Nexus Marketing International ~ April 21, 2019

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